Docdrop - The database of 300+ FREE Product Management Learning Resources

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Docdrop is a growing Airtable database directory with over 300+ of the best FREE Product Management resources to help you learn product management.

This is the one-stop place for advancing your Product Management education and career. Whether you're a startup founder, aspiring, or new PM.

What do you get?

  • Private Access to the Google Sheets
  • 300+ resources like blogs, templates, podcasts, communities, and more!
  • 100's of hours of curation at your service

How Docdrop can help Aspiring or new PM's?

Product management software tools and courses can be expensive. As a current or aspiring PM, This makes for a great alternative to access educational FREE resources and content from top product leaders.

It will save you money and hours of time searching for Product Management content. Search and Filter by tags, objectives, use case, and resource type. You want to learn Product Management best practices but don't have time to search for the best content from product leaders and startups.

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How do I get access after purchase? 

  1. Purchase via Gumroad checkout by adding to cart
  2. You will then receive your private google sheets to the database through Gumroad.
  3. Enjoy !

Please contact me if you have any issues with accessing the google sheets. Cheers!



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300+ Product Management Resources


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Docdrop - The database of 300+ FREE Product Management Learning Resources

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