EDM Gems

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EDM Gems

Seth Fannin
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EDM Gems- A growing searchable directory with hundreds of curated and hand-picked FREE Electronic Music Production Resources  for New or Seasoned producers. We help you spend more time in your DAW instead of searching online all day for Samples, plugins, presets, courses, guides.

What you will get:

  • Search & filter hundreds of resources by format, type, plugin etc.
  • Hundred's of plugins, samples, presets & more
  • Lifetime access to the database + future updates
  • One time purchase - No subscription

Who is this for?

This is for both beginner and proficient producers whether you produce TRANCE, DUBSTEP, HOUSE, TRAP, DnB, TECHNO Etc. or use FL studio or Ableton. 

Why did I create this?

I started producing trance music while living in Korea in 2008 when I was serving active duty military. Im not professional producer. I am creating this for other producers as I wish I had this when I started. I had a Psy-trance track get signed to a label in 2016 but that didn't come easy. It took me almost 8 years to make good quality anything and Im still learning. 

I remember spending days and hours of unproductive time searching reddit and google for the best plugins or samples. This is the number one thing that I urge not to do. Its a never ending search trust me. I am going to help you spend more time making music and learning with all free resources. 

How can this can help you?

I will be your search assistant and give you the extra time back. This is a reference for resources when you need them. If you purchase then you will get lifetime access + all added resources. for a low price that will not break the bank. 

⚡Save money on buying many sample packs and save time searching for resources all day. Now you can spend more time on learning and producing in the DAW with these resources at your fingertips. Quickly find exactly what you need using categories, tags and search.

Check out some of my music productions! 🙏



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Is it FREE?

No, This is a one time purchase which gives you lifetime private access + updates to all of the added resources.

What format is EDM Gems in?

EDM Gems is an private Airtable Database. You will get the link by email when purchasing in Gumroad.

Can I share EDM Gems content from airtable on the Internet?

No. You're not allowed to share it publicly. The content is only meant for personal use.

Do I get an Invoice?

Yes! "Generate" button on your receipt from Gumroad after you purchase. You'll be able to generate a detailed invoice with any additional information you need. You will receive an email invoice from gumroad and the database access link / password.

Why is this expensive if these resources are FREE online?

It takes a lot of time to vet and organize the tactics that are actually valuable. Im spending hours and hours of time searching all of these for you so you can spend more time producing for a low cost that Im sure you will find value from.

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EDMGems - The largest directory of FREE Electronic Music Production Resources all in one place.

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